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Donna K.

Helsinki to Texas (CEO of

“My experience was more than 50% cheaper than what we usually have to pay. I checked sites and they were way expensive as compared to cheaper prices from Skyscrambler. Wow, thanks for sharing this (  Donna”

Aniebonam A.

Helsinki to Lagos and China (ex-President, Aaltoes; UX Strategy & Growth Marketing at Kokku)

“I love the simplicity of the UX. The tech work [algorithm] behind “deep-search” seems great, something that other providers… such …don’t offer. [To hack your travel] I strongly recommend!”

Ari-Pekka H.

Helsinki to Joensuu (Student and Software Developer at Nixu Corporation)

“I was surprised to find how much the prices dropped compared other services I normally use. I found the interface a lot more intuitive than those of other sites, which was a nice bonus! Will definitely keep using in the future.”

Tommi L.

Software Engineer and Managing Director ProTieto

Once I made the search, I found the airlines, and looking directly from airlines page, (when doing my search) price for my route and dates dropped from €557.49 to €482.

Alexandra S.

Saint Petersburg to New York (Marketing Communication in IT at Paragon Software)

“Long story short: SkyScramble really did find the cheapest flight to New York City for me. There are several services out there that I regularly use for the cheap flight searches, none of them showed me the prices I found on SkyScrambler price that was at least 50$ less for the same flight. After 26% of deep search I got about 50€ [62 USD] cheaper than on other sites sites I normally use. Further to 80% search I found it about 63€ cheaper [78 USD].  Yeah, the deep search takes quite a while, but importantly it gets the job done so it’s worth the wait. Obviously, this is the beginning of my long-term relationship with SkyScrambler.”

Toni H.

Helsinki to Dubai (Senior Designer from

I found Skycrambler to be the best option to search for flights. It might take a while to load all the results, but it’s worth the wait. Easily beats other popular flight search engine in price comparison. And who doesn’t love cheap flights?”🙂

Genesis N.

London to Lagos (Design Engineer, ERA Security)

Skycrambler saved me approximately saved me 400€ for a return a trip I bought for two persons. I really appreciate the simplicty of this system as well as the help I was when making the purchase” 🙂

Tips on how to buy your trips cheaper.

Start with Google Chrome. Add / enable translator plugin.

1. Browser choice

We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari. We also recommend you install a text translator plugin in case you may need it for changing website language into your own language when filling forms to buy a ticket.

2. Load up to 50%

Whether you are flaying one way or return let the search run search up to 50% to be sure you have gathered enough price data list. 100% completion means all live prices have been listed.

3. Checkout best prices

Checkout at lowest price rate. Always check the final price as some agents add fees. The majority are free!. Use a currency converter to know prices in your local currency. Keep the list open to check out on price option. Enjoy your trips" Hyvää Matkää! Bra att gå!

With deep search — we are democratizing flight ticket prices

Popular search engines alter results based on your devices. If you search your flights through your iPhone, MacBook Pro, or other premium gadgets, chances are that you are shown prices that match your profile. You get higher prices than someone analysed as low end cheaper devices. At Skyscrambler, we alter that rule for you. We are constantly optimizing our machine learning algorithm to provide price transparency by showing price data of global agents price to enable you to choose the lowest price option available on your specific flight choice.

Price Spelunking

No price manipulation and tracking

Search from any device for hidden 
price options

Search has saved people 10€ up to 440€

Up to 40% saved on re-searched tickets

Skyscrambler is motivated by our years of extensive research and buying hack techniques delivered in a simple search solution with real opportunity to make savings. Access to global live prices — transparent overview.

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